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Great Lady

Crude Oil Tanker, Eastern Mediterranean "Great Lady" was one of the greatest ships entered in Palumbo Shipyards Malta for maintenance works.

The 338m supertanker ( 250,000t), Greek flag built in 2005, choose Palumbo Shipyards for a 15 day stop and general maintenance works.

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FSO, PA Resources, "Didon", tunisian owned vessel visited Palumbo Shipyards Malta for a major refit.

More than 270t of steel were replaced, both in tanks, ship sides and keels.
Mechanical repairs, overhauls and quite substantial pipeworks involved almost all lines on deck and engine room.

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Eurocargo Genova

“High Naval Surgery” on a Ro/Ro Vessel was carried out at Palumbo Shipyards Malta.

Bulbous bow of about 200 tons was completely replaced.

Being the bow of the vessel damaged for about 30 meters, the entire bulbous bow was built in Palumbo’s workshops prior entrance of the vessel into dock.  Floating maneuvers to achieve alignment between the damaged part and new built section took place at ship’s entrance.

Demolition of the old bulb, and replacement with new, completed the extremely challenging intervention.

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Giorgio Cini

Training ship, Guardia di Finanza "Giorgio Cini" was purchased by Coast Guard in 1982.
For the adequate guest capacity, the presence on board of advanced electronic systems of navigation and discovery, and the modern telecommunications equipment, this type of vessel is used in cruising and contingent sea personnel training .
Palumbo Shipyards Naples performed important repair and maintenance works to hull and superstructures achieving appreciation letter from captain for works performed.

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