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Moby Tommy

Ro-Ro pax "Moby Tommy" represents represents a major conversion project commissioned to Palumbo Shipyards Naples

Two new decks were installed on the aft part (deck 7 and 8) and deck 6 was extended. Intermediate deck between 4 and 5 was added to the forward and aft part of the vessels and 209 new passenger cabins were built as well as technical spaces and new halls.

A new electrical car deck was installed between deck 3 and 4.
All main systems were updated.

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Moby Zazà

Ro-Ro pax "Moby Zazà" represents a major refitting project which involved all public areas from deck 4 to deck 9.

A total surface of 3.000 sqm was refitted to a new show lounge and dining area. 
Moreover the project provided the implementation of 40 new comfortable passenger cabins (standard, family and suites) which replaced the existing public areas. The complete refitting of the old 265 cabins included the restyling of all the interiors and carpeting.

Complete external painting of the ship with the application of Warner Bros comic strips was carried out.

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Moby Kiss

Ro-Ro pax "Moby Kiss" visited Palumbo Shipyards Naples for major refitting intervention, being the same ready for demolition.

The intervention involved the complete renovation of bridge 6 with new self-service and bar areas, stairs and kitchens. Renewal of all armchairs on bridge 8 and the refitting of the official booths on bridge 7. 

A total remake of the non-commissioned officers area with 34 new cabins, the replacement of diesel generators and the complete maintenance of all facilities in the engine room were carried out successfully.

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Moby Corse

Ro-Ro pax "Moby Corse" was carried out at Palumbo Shipyards Naples between January and April 2010 for major refitting.
Renewal of 50 standard, superior and luxury cabins with complete replacement of furniture, carpets, electrical and hydraulic systems. 

Same was done on 200 cabins on deck number 6. A complete replacement of all public areas was performed as well as the construction of a new self-service area, restaurant, shops and play area for children. Design, construction and replacement of the entire stern ramp completed the refitting project.

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On October 17th 2013, Prinsendam drydocked at Palumbo Shipyard Malta.  

Prinsendam is the Holland America’s smallest vessel, considered a pathfinder. This is the ship to choose if far away destinations, “longer than usual itineraries” and superb value for money are key factors in selecting a cruise .  

Holland America has continued to upgrade and refurbish Prinsendam after acquisition of the vessel in Seabourn in 2002. 

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Ro-Ro pax Toremar "Aethalia" is a 84m (2900 GT) vessel built in 1991 with a passenger capacity of 790 and 96 cars.
The main work on Toremar Aethalia was the remake of two decks including carpets, furniture, ceilings and main systems (electrical, security, emergency, communication) with a structural intervention and restyling of all the interiors. A total refitting of all public areas was successfully carried out.

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Le Soleal

Pax ship, Ponant "Le Soleal" is a French-owned cruise vessel.
The work undertaken on the vessel at Palumbo Shipyards Malta was mainly focused on the renewal of bilge plates and internal interventions. 
Other works conducted were cleaning of tanks, blasting and painting of underwater areas, painting of all the grey area at top sides of vessel, engineering work on bow‐thruster and stabilizers, hull valves, generator cylinder heads, replacement of 2 bollards and modifications of bunkering stations.

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