With over half a century of experience in shipbuilding and custom yacht construction, Palumbo today represents the largest refit/repair network in the Mediterranean.

Palumbo represents a choice for many referenced super and mega yachts that have repetitively returned to our facilities for service year after year. An unbeatable logistic layout with 6 sites situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and East Atlantic and the most experienced craftsmen and engineers in the industry. Yachts and Ships, all, require refit, repair and eventually conversion interventions in order to maintain or Increase the value of the asset. Palumbo has successfully carried out the most challenging projects on all kinds of ships. The last 50 year of activity have seen container ships, FPSO's dredgers and offshore support vessels being delivered successfully under major experts worldwide supervision.

1737 ships and 271 yachts have been refitted in the past 5 years. 
Owners and owners’ representative become part of the process from the beginning to completion of the project. A full cooperation between both parties and the ability to pre-organize the project assures the shortest downtime of the vessel. 
Refit may be required to completely refresh or provide a lifetime extension. Our non-stop training program represents our investments to delivery better projects each time.

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Damage is always unexpected, it occurs with no warning and therefore requires a ”non planned” repair intervention.

Although urgent, the performance still needs to be carried out in a safe and reliable manner and contain downtime of vessel as much as possible. Palumbo’s network is able to provide services for any kind of damage repair with experienced and knowledged team and adequate facilities. Palumbo built up its reputation focusing on anticipated deliveries, high quality projects deliveries and extremely competitive rates.

We deliver “on time, on budget, as agreed specifications”.
We deliver “Value and Trust”. 

The long experience in the shipbuilding and yachting allows our team to handle all kinds of damaged vessels whether built under our brand or any other.

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Our 50 years of experience in shipbuilding together with our skilled project teams and network support, may clearly be appreciated in our major conversion references. 

We have successfully refitted 1737 vessels and 271 superyachts in the past 5 years. Complex projects represent challenges to our staff which are handle with confidence, responsibility and professional approach. Our expertise in project management and engineering guarantees assistance throughout the entire cycle of the project: design, engineering, planning and execution.

We have accomplished extraordinary conversion projects:  from military vessels to passenger ships, from ship containers to bulk carriers, from tugs to Superyachts.

We have performed lengthening of vessels, drastic functional improvements, installation of decks and cabins, cable laying, pipe laying. 

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Routine maintenance is an essential activity in order to guarantee that vessel meets operational requirements and complies with regulation during lifetime. 

While maintaining the asset value, upgrades and improvements are often carried out during lifetime. With a history of 50 years in shipbuilding and repair of commercial vessels and Superyachts, Palumbo’s  yards, strategically located in the Mediterranean are able service any type of ship maintenance and properly complete the project pre-organizing the activities in order to minimize downtime of vessel. Project teams work throughout the maintenance with the owner representatives in order to ensure that work meets the expectations. Maintenance of vessel can be performed in water or out of the water.

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