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Giorgio Cini

Training ship, Guardia di Finanza "Giorgio Cini" was purchased by Coast Guard in 1982.
For the adequate guest capacity, the presence on board of advanced electronic systems of navigation and discovery, and the modern telecommunications equipment, this type of vessel is used in cruising and contingent sea personnel training .
Palumbo Shipyards Naples performed important repair and maintenance works to hull and superstructures achieving appreciation letter from captain for works performed.

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New build construction of two full-aluminum catamarans took place between 2007-2009 at Palumbo Shipyards Naples.
A “record time” launch for the 52m catamarans commissioned by Rodriguez shipyards in Messina.  With a passenger capacity of 220 units and 22 crew member accommodation, the catamarans were equipped with elipad landing platform.

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Le Soleal

Pax ship, Ponant "Le Soleal" is a French-owned cruise vessel.
The work undertaken on the vessel at Palumbo Shipyards Malta was mainly focused on the renewal of bilge plates and internal interventions. 
Other works conducted were cleaning of tanks, blasting and painting of underwater areas, painting of all the grey area at top sides of vessel, engineering work on bow‐thruster and stabilizers, hull valves, generator cylinder heads, replacement of 2 bollards and modifications of bunkering stations.

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